What We Are Reading | Issue No: 21

Francesca Recchia

Arundhati Roy, In What Language Does Rain Fall Over Tormented Cities?

Parvaiz Bukhari J&K: A Viral Whatsapp Video Carries Delhi’s Brutal Message To Kashmir’s New-Age Rebels 

Ashraf Ghani, I Will Negotiate With the Taliban Anywhere 

Mujib Mashal, A Grass-Roots Afghan Peace Movement Grows, Step by Step 

Asim Rafiqui

Suchitra Vijayan

Fahd Ahmed- Enemies of the State: Immigration Control, Mass Incarceration, and the Fight Back, The 20th Annual Eqbal Ahmad Lecture (2017

Let Us NOT Praise Anthony Kennedy

The family separation crisis exposes America’s addiction to incarceration

Drawing Links Between US Militarism Abroad and Gun Violence at Home 

Boston teacher Nino Brown, of the ANSWER Coalition, speaks with TRNN’s Ben Norton about the links between US militarism, gun violence, and police brutality. He connects the epidemic of school shootings domestically to the endless wars internationally

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