By The Polis Project

4 May 2021

Dear Readers

Many asked why we went silent in a moment when there is so much noise.

The noise is precisely the reason – we don’t see the point to add to the confusion.

At The Polis Project we work quietly and steadily: we don’t react quickly to events, but take time to reflect, ponder and understand.

We have decided to put on hold for a while our Dispatches series as we feel it is not respectful to ask people for time and attention in a moment of collective crisis and sorrow of such scale.

Our choice is therefore to remain alert and concentrate our efforts on the work that Watch the State to create a repository of the present, a living archive to hold the State accountable for the gross mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also continue our editorial work to maintain a space of rigorous reflection in line with our mission of supporting and amplifying the voices of communities in resistance.

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