Internship: Part-time researcher and production intern based in South Asia. 

The Polis Project seeks a part-time researcher + production intern with a demonstrated interest in politics and strong news judgment. With our weekly Dispatches Seriespolitics, and literary podcast, we are the go-to platform for in-depth political reporting and indispensable analysis on under-reported issues around human rights, state violence, and social movements in various communities in resistance.

Job Description 

  • Research and prepare questions for Dispatches Series and other podcasts
  • Assist with show audience and guests
  • Pitch, research, and work collaboratively to produce segments for the Dispatches, politics podcast and five objects podcast
  • Take part in editorial planning
  • Help with other research
  • 10-15 hours a week, for a minimum of 6 months 
  • This is a paid position 


  • Strong writing and research skills and editorial judgment
  • Prepare and revise multiple drafts of notes
  • Fact checks and proofread material for shows.
  • Editorial skills: Ability to recognize under-reported/ researched stories and address issues affecting various communities with empathy and dignity.
  • Ability to execute tasks with dedication and attention to detail
  • Self-starter, skilled at taking the initiative and coming up with solutions
  • Intellectually creative
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Application :

  1. CV
  2. Send a pitch for two of the following segments a. Dispatches Series, b. Politics podcast and c.  five objects podcast. For each segment, pitch a guest, reasons you picked the guest, and a draft of five questions, you would ask the guest.
  3. Name and contact details of two references that we can contact.

Email the application to [email protected] 

Deadline: 31st December 2020

Queer, Dalit, Bahujan, and Muslim students/practitioners are encouraged to apply.

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