Suchitra Vijayan: As Black as Resistance, Finding the Conditions for Liberation by William C. Anderson (author); Zoé Samudzi (author); Mariame Kaba (foreword) Race and the Making of American Political Science by Jessica Blatt The Importance of being uncivil Wherever there’s resistance to injustice and inequality, the powers that be ask usRead More →

After having spent six years as a digital journalist and social media strategist, Ema Anis now offers communication consultancy to non-profit organizations working for justice and education. On the side, she utilizes her interest in art, design, and photography to highlight social issues that irk her most — classism beingRead More →

Asim Rafiqui “How To Decolonise Your School” “Neocolonialism Is Enabled By Debt” “Institutional Amnesia As Journalism” “The Frankfurt School Done In A Non-Frankfurt School Way” “Where The Monsters Live” “The Habits Of The White Man Burden As A Signifier Of Our Sophistication” “Academic Creativity And Silencing Of Narratives” “Our ManRead More →