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Research Intern
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At Polis Project, we are experimenting, learning, and inventing new ways of presenting facts, research and analysis to a wider audience. We are figuring out how best to take knowledge to the streets, and in that process creating an informed and engaged community of citizens isn’t easy and we are looking for students to work with us.

War Dispatches is literary journalism and conversation series with writers, scholars, researchers and artists. War Dispatches, engages with and interrogating core issues underlying today’s conflicts and its aftermath in far greater depth than the regular news cycles allow.

Storytelling will be the point of entry. Pieces will have a distinct, intimate, narrative spine, the meanings of which will be further informed and elucidated by relevant history, scholarship and theory. Each segment will stand alone but relate through unifying themes emerging from a deeper consideration of themes such as forced migration, exile, displacement, marginalization, racism, and militarization. The interview series lays out discussions as conversations. This is an effective way to bring often-complex ideas to an interested public without losing the complexity of the idea, or, the interest of the public.

The primary intent of the interview series is to bring history back into what has become a
largely a historical, non-contextual debate in an ideological and divisive climate. We analyze the historical origins and global ramifications of a number of significant conflicts within the longer historical, political and philosophical contexts. We approach the issues through various individual perspectives. Our interview series will explore war and its aftermath through diverse individual experience, placing lived experiences of people at the centre of this narrative – from common soldiers and citizens, and exchanges with writers, thinkers, activists and artists.

This is a chance to be part of and help incubate and produce experimental content.

The intern will be working on developing content — including developing pitches and producing. This is a great opportunity to try out a lot of different approaches—from producing podcasts to broadcast series to videos.

We are looking for a student researcher who can help us research and produce the show.

  • Conduct research for on stories and long-term projects put together detailed research packets to help prepare for interviews.
  • Schedule and book interview sessions.
  • Transcribe interviews
  • Candidates are strongly encouraged to gain a general familiarity with our work.
  • Interns must work at least 10 hours/week during the fall and spring semesters and 20 hours/week during the summer.
  • Our internships can be undertaken for academic credit, and this is highly encouraged. All interns work remotely and need to check-in via Skype for the weekly conference.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until candidates have been selected.To apply, please send an email with the subject line: “Internship Application – [LAST NAME].”

The email should include a résumé and a cover letter.In the cover letter please be sure to indicate the dates that you would be available. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview and may be asked to provide additional information.


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