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Writer, researcher, and Senior editor at WARSCAPES Michael Busch in conversation with Carl Lindskoog at  The Graduate Center, CUNY about #Haiti and immigrant detention in the U.S. “Borders and Bodies” is a Polis Project teach-in and conversation series hosted in collaboration with Warscapes Magazine and the CUNY Doctoral Students’ Council.WeRead More →

Francesca Recchia Amarnath Yatra. A Milirarized Pilgrimage Architecture After Revolution by Petti, Hilal & Weizman Asim Rafiqui The New False Prophets Or How Not To Organise. The Antecedents Of The Holocaust Or The Germans No Longer Feign Surprise. Dynamic Women Speaking About Domination, Dispossession And….Er…Logistics. Not Your Everyday Photographer–Conversation WithRead More →

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Welcome to the new year, and with a conversation with one of NOOR Images newest members, Arko Datto. Arko s a mathematician and a physicist by education, and a photographer by choice. We met for the first time  in 2016 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our conversation wanders in to some surprisingRead More →

Francesca Recchia Fifi Haroon, Coming home? Ayesha Jalal, Partisans of Allah, Harvard University Press 2008  Asim Rafiqui “Constructing the American Neo-Nazi State, One Policeman At A Time” “India’s Never Ending And Never Accepted Burden” “Today’s Event At Madison Square Garden: Cornel West’s Vs. Ta-Nehisi Coates” “Are Only European’s Rational?” “StealingRead More →

For each episode, our guest will be asked to choose five pieces or items that have influenced their intellectual life and their work. These five items can be books, art, music, poetry, photographs, performance, a person, an event, or an experience. The choices then become the basis of a free-flowingRead More →

I have publicly and on this forum very explicitly argued against the strange ‘disappearance’ of black/brown bodies that are the actual targets and victims of our ‘liberal’ state policies of surveillance, entrapment, drone assassinations, renditions and indefinite detention. I recently argued: “Western visual journalism, and visual artists, have erased the actualRead More →