The water pipe has many names.In the balkans it is called a ‘lula‘ or ‘lulava’. In Egypt and the Persian Gulf it is often referred to as a ‘shishe’. In Iran it is called a ‘ganja’ pronounced as ‘ghelyoon’. In India and Pakistan it is called a ‘huqqa’. In the Palestinian Territories, the Levant, Iraq, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Israel, it is called by the beautiful name of ‘narghile’–a word that has its roots in sanskrit. But I doubt if it has ever been called a weapon of deRead More →

Francesca Reccia Zaid Rafiq – Protesters blinded by Indian forces struggle in darkness Hilal Mir–“He Didn’t Fear Anything: The Lure of Militancy in India’s Kashmir Valley” Arshia Sattar, The Mouse Merchant. Money in Ancient India. Penguin, 2013. Rohinton Mistry, Family Matters, Faber & Faber, 2001. Mirza Waheed–“How to kill a Kashmiri: A novelist’s list” Anna Arendt, TheRead More →

After some delay, finally, my discussion with photographer Maheder Haileselassie from Ethiopia. Mahedar is a documentary and editorial photographer based in Addis Ababa, and the founder of the Center for Photography in Ethiopia, an organisation that aims to foster visual journalism in Ethiopia, and also act as a centre for ideas,Read More →

As hundreds of thousands of Pushtun speak out and march against the violence of the Pakistani state, and that of its imperial backers, some pieces I wrote earlier against the brutalisation and demonisation of the Pushtuns, and against the indiscriminate and brutal wars we have inflicted upon them.Read More →